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Have you longed to improve your health and wellness outside the scope of traditional medicine but just didn’t know what to do or whom to ask?

Are looking for healthy and natural ways to overcome roadblocks that prevent you from feeling your best?

Have you wanted to investigate the various natural health modalities that exist but just don’t have the time to do the research or thought it might be just too complex to understand?

Are you tired of searching for methods to improve the way you feel that actually work because it is just taking too much of your time?

Do you want to stop playing the guessing game on what you can do to improve your state of wellbeing and get real answers and solutions that work?

Are you ready to take control of managing your health and wellbeing?

Would you like to gain access to health and wellness experts that are willing to share solutions to your most pressing health challenges?

Would you just like to learn more about how you can be healthy and well?


Well if you answered yes to any of the above questions, then you have come to the right place!


Welcome to IGNITE YOUR WELLBEING, a teleconference designed to engage  you in the Ultimate learning experience about how you can be healthy and well.


At Ignite Your Wellbeing you will gain answers to your questions and solutions to your health challenges and needs.


This teleconference will feature some of the nation’s foremost health and wellness experts sharing their words of wisdom about being healthy while giving you “little nuggets of gold” that you can use immediately to help you improve your wellbeing.


The Ignite Your Wellbeing Teleconference will be held for 6 days in April and it is not an event that you’ll want to miss.  Why?


This teleconference was designed with you in mind.

The goal of this teleconference is to awaken you to all the wonderful ways of how you can be healthy and well and what it takes to do that.

It will enlighten you, educate you and enliven you so that you can walk through the door to a whole new way of living the healthy, happy, energized and vibrant life that you desire.

This teleconference is one of the only places where you can gain insightful and useful information about how you can improve your life by improving your health for “FREE.”

Imagine that, you get 18 experts sharing their words of wisdom with you for FREE. You will get more information from this teleconference than you’ll ever get from one, two or three visits to your doctor’s office.

Best of all you will get all of this information for FREE!

To learn the details of how you can gain access to this teleconference for “FREE,” enter your information in the spaces below.

Once you do that you will automatically receive the details about this fabulous health and wellness teleconference.


I look forward to having you on the teleconference.

Still hesitant?

You have nothing to lose and so much to gain so what are you waiting for? You only have your health and wellbeing to improve.

So go ahead, enter your information in the spaces below and open yourself up to a new way of living healthy and well!


This teleconference is a gift from all of us to you!

The guest experts featured on the phenomenal Ignite Your Wellbeing 2014 teleconference are:

Ashley Pierson, Julie Renee Doering, Nailah Beraki, Kelly Poole, Anya de Montigny, Dr. Holly Fourchalk, Cathleen Nichols, Ellie Savoy, Barbara Maida, Dr. Louise Swartswalter, Patrick Lerouge, Ellen Sims,
Jodee Chizever, Rika Keck, Debbie Stevenson, Beth Steinmann, Jondi Whitis and Dolores Fazzino

We look forward to seeing you on The Ignite Your Wellbeing 2014 Teleconference.

Here’s to Igniting Your Health and Wellbeing!


Rochel Marie Lawson, RN,AHP,CMS
The Queen of Feeling Fabulous